Align every employee to provide seamless citizen engagement

Whenever and however citizens choose to get in touch – whether it’s by phone, email, webchat or social media; during the day or late at night; they’ll enjoy the same seamless experience.

The Connecting Wales multi-channel contact centre provides citizens access to contact centre agents via their channel of choice; then Connecting Wales’ collaboration capabilities enable your agents to effortlessly engage back-office experts to provide the best resolution available for each citizen contact.

Contact Centre Solutions

Optimise citizen experiences with chatbots

Improve citizen experiences through self-service automation, reducing the pressure on your contact centre agents and giving them the time to provide additional support to your citizens that need it most.

Seamlessly integrated automated services to citizens through the use of cutting-edge technology.

State of the Art Recording and Quality Capabilities

The Connecting Wales platform offers a range of recording and quality management solutions to maximise your citizen service standards and improve every employee's potential.

Workforce Management Solutions

With the Connecting Wales Workforce Management (WFM) solution you can optimise agent management and get citizens to the right person, with the right skill, in the right place, at the right time.