Streamlining operations and improving services with WFM

The Connecting Wales WFM solution enables organisations to improve workforce efficiency which can cut costs by ensuring you have the right amount of resource at any given time, removing the risk of over-allocating resource that isn’t needed to serve your citizens.

With Workforce Management you are able to effectively plan your contact centre operations to make sure your citizens get through to the right person as quickly as possible for optimal resolution times.

Features & functionality

Benefits for your citizens

Intelligent Citizen Routing

With WFM capabilities you can ensure your citizens get through to the right person, in the right place at the right time.

Enhanced Citizen Experience

Streamlining your operations and managing the skills and time of your agents can positively impact on the citizen experience.

Improved Resolution Times

By getting citizens to the right employee, with the right skill, at the right time can dramatically improve resolution times for your citizens.