Connecting Wales Technology Solutions

The platform’s AI & Automation solutions can help deliver increased operational efficiency, citizen experience and employee engagement goals.

  • Enhance your citizen experience, streamline online and contact journeys and improve operational efficiency.
  • Enable citizen self-service with AI powered chatbot solutions.
  • Empower agents to resolve citizen queries first time with AI powered Agent Assist technologies.
  • Automate repetitive, non-value adding tasks to free up your most valuable resource, your employees, to focus more time on delivering a great citizen experience and devoting more time to vulnerable citizens who need help most.

Benefits of AI

Built on Market Leading AI Technologies

Connecting Wales works with the world’s leading technology vendors to deliver Enterprise grade AI and Automation solutions including chatbots, RPA and AI enabled contact centre solutions.

Connecting Wales Solution

AI Powered Chatbots

AI powered chatbots can deliver seamless self-service and significant cost savings by diverting inbound enquiries away from the contact centre and enabling the citizen to self-serve themselves, thus freeing up agent time. As well as improving citizen satisfaction, organisations implementing AI chatbots are seeing marked increase in service delivery within months.

Regardless of what installed technology you are using, Connecting Wales has a range of solution partners who can interoperate with your existing contact centre, CRM and applications to deliver fully integrated chatbot solutions that can be rolled out in weeks and show a significant return on investment within months.

Citizen Self-Service

Connecting Wales worsk with the world’s leading Cloud Contact-Centre-as-a-Service vendors to digitally enable every channel to give a great citizen experience. These cutting-edge technology solutions utilise AI to enable citizens can self-serve, route queries to the right agent every time and to automatically complete routine interactions and after-contact

work thus freeing agent time to focus on adding value to those citizens they handle.
 Every requirement is different: from expectations to strategic objectives and from installed legacy technology to budgetary constraints; Connecting Wales has a range of solutions that can help.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to automate processes across the whole contact centre. Intelligent Automation can boost efficiency, free up your workforce, and help you deliver outstanding citizen experiences.

Intelligent Automation can be used to streamline operations across the contact centre and then across the rest of your organisation. It frees agents from dull and repetitive tasks and enables them to focus on delivering an outstanding citizen engagement. Intelligent Automation can enable seamless self-service, drive down costs and maintain quality and compliance.