Transforming Welsh Public Services

Driven by legislation introduced by the Welsh Government, public sector organisations in Wales have been tasked with improving services to their citizens and the overall citizen experience they provide.

Through the Social Service and Wellbeing (Wales) Act, the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, and the Digital Strategy for Wales, public services need to be able to provide a diverse set of future-proof ways to serve their citizens. Whether that is by adopting technology to enable citizens to self-serve, or streamlining technical operations to create a scalable, future-proof solution, Connecting Wales delivers an easily procured, easily managed, cost effective answer.

Many Welsh public sector organisations, including schools, are still using legacy technology that may be slowing them down. Technology is ever-changing and by undertaking a Digital Transformation journey, organisations can review their goals against the technology they rely on to achieve these. In most cases, this process highlights a lot of points of failure, convoluted processes and gaps in service that are affecting citizen services.

How Connecting Wales helps

How Connecting Wales helps:

The Connecting Wales platform offers a future-proof platform based on global market-leading technology. These cutting-edge capabilities help Welsh public sector organisations deliver on their citizen experience promises.

The Connecting Wales omnichannel contact centre platform provides a single view of all citizen interactions across your organisation, enabling you to personalise your citizens’ experience across all of your services.

Connecting Wales integrates bespoke technology into your existing systems to ensure you have a streamlined process to engage with citizens no matter how they get in touch. The tailor-made service allows you to meet their growing expectations by providing a single view of citizen interactions, no matter the channel. Connecting Wales also enables your citizens to self-serve through state-of-the-art technology.

Connecting Wales allows you to easily analyse and optimise your citizen journey, enabling you to enhance the service you offer, and Connecting Wales’ end-to-end technology makes things easy for both employees, agents, and citizens, no matter how they choose to engage.

Whether it’s agents, supervisors or citizens, you’ll have the tools to constantly deal with feedback – through voice of the citizen programs and by monitoring and training agents. With Connecting Wales, you’ll soon discover that happy employees = happy citizens.


How Connecting Wales helps:

The Connecting Wales Communications and Collaboration platform consolidates everything your employees need to connect, share, and work together via the same streamlined interface.

Our omnichannel contact centre platform provides a “single pane of glass” to your agents, giving them visibility of a citizen’s entire history of engagement and interaction in one view, reducing time switching between systems and applications and increasing first-time contact resolution.

Gamification tools can also improve employee satisfaction and competitiveness between teams and individuals.

Connecting Wales utilises best-in-class Knowledge Management solutions to deliver the relevant answers and insight to your agents or directly to your citizens via self-service options.

The Connecting Wales platform is managed by our technology partner FourNet, award-winning digital transformation and customer experience specialists, meaning your communications infrastructure is fully-managed which allows you to focus on running your organisation.


How Connecting Wales helps:

Automation of mundane, repetitive tasks within the contact centre using RPA can both enable citizens to self-serve and can free agents to focus on higher-value activities.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables the Connecting Wales contact centre platform to learn, using intelligent routing to pair citizens with the right employee based on predicted interpersonal behaviour.

AI-powered chatbots or virtual assistants can deliver full self-service to citizens or enable assisted service, triaging queries and allocating them to the right agent where necessary.

Connecting Wales is built on a flexible, future-proof cloud platform.


How Connecting Wales helps:

The flexible cloud-based platform enables organisations to trial new innovations, test and learn, modify and then roll out new services quickly, meaning you can meet the evolving expectations of your citizens. The Unified Communications solution is part of what powers innovation, as employees can quickly and easily collaborate, work in a more agile fashion, and keep organisations innovating.

How Connecting Wales helps:

The Connecting Wales platform helps simplify and modernise compliance infrastructure for regulations like GDPR, PCI or MiFID II.  It uses automation, encryption and analytics to better engage with citizens, reduce risk, and avoid fines and regulatory issues.

Trusted Across Wales

This project is an excellent example of what can be achieved when local authorities and other public sector organisations work together. I am delighted Welsh Government funding is supporting collaboration across local government, allowing them to develop and use innovative technology to provide a better service to their customers and to make their staff's jobs easier.

Julie James
Minister for Climate Change and former Minister for Housing and Local Government

FourNet's innovative design and tailor-made service will help to transform the digital services of local government and the public sector in Wales, and we look forward to many more councils and public sector bodies joining us in Connecting Wales.

Rob Thomas
Managing Director at Vale of Glamorgan Council